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After writing “Who is children’s author Christopher P.N. Maselli?” the other day, I still had a few more things I thought others might think are completely boring, so since this is a blog, here we go. Five more titillating fact about Christopher P. N. Maselli:

5. I am not a Senator from Rhode Island. You’d think with a name like Christopher Maselli, you’d be easy enough to find on the Internet. But do a search and top results will also come from Christopher B. Maselli, a democratic senator from Rhode Island. We’re probably related because I’ve never—that’s right, never—met another Maselli in the United States, even though I know there are a few hundred. But this guy has my same first name. So now we compete with each other for the top spot on search engines. He has regular stories about him in the news; I have books and a blog. It’s a draw.

Flyleaf4. There’s always a song going through my head. This baffles my wife. “Always?” Always. I have one in my head right now. I love music. Mostly Christian rock, a favorite of mine since I was 12. DeGarmo and Key, Crumbacher and Mylon LeFevre all frequent my iTunes list. Today though, my favorite artist is Flyleaf, which surprises most people because they’re er…uh…a bit rowdy. Other favorites include Keith Green, Steve Taylor and Norah Jones.

3. I’m horrible at sports. Don’t even ask me to play tennis or softball or basketball. I can’t even throw a football. Just isn’t in the genes. I’ll watch football if the Cowboys are on a winning streak, but otherwise, meh. This might surprise you if you’ve read The Amazing Laptop series because I sports are all through them! Today, my sport is running. I run a 5k three times a week and I’ve raced a 10k once—completed it in an hour. I love getting out there with my iPod or just silence with God and enjoy the world. Especially when it’s really cold.

Commodore 642. I’m a tech junkie. I love technology and especially computing. I enjoy creating websites like this one almost as much as writing books! I’m also getting onto the SEO and social media bandwagon. It all started in the ‘80s when my Dad bought me my first Commodore 64.

1. I’m an introvert. When I speak at writer’s conferences, I always tell classes that when I go home, I’ll collapse because being an extrovert (like you have to be at a conference) takes all my energy. I’m not sure if I’m a writer because I’m an introvert or the other way around, but I’m certainly not a social butterfly. I’m happy with a few close friends and family.

There you go—a few more candid facts about me, Christopher P. N. Maselli. Curious about anything else? Drop me a comment below! 🙂

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