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Ebooks, Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad Statistics

iPad vs Kindle vs RockCompiled these statistics about ebooks, reading, the Amazon Kindle and the Apple iPad the other day for a project and thought I’d share:


  • Ebook sales grew 177% last year. Source
  • 53% of those who buy ebook readers state that they now read more books than they did before. Source
  • 51% of e-reader owners increased their purchases of e-books in the past year.
  • 9% of consumers increased their purchases of hardcover books in the past year.
  • 2.6 Average number of books read by e-reader owners in a month.
  • 1.9 Average number of books read by print-book readers in a month.
  • 176% Increase in U.S. electronic-book sales in 2009.
  • 1.8% Decrease in U.S. book sales in 2009 from a year earlier.
  • 86% of e-reader owners read on their device more than once a week.
  • 51% of e-reader owners read on their device on a daily basis. Source
  • eReaders are now owned by one in 10 Americans. 12% of Americans plan to buy one within 6 months. Source
  • 50% of kids say they want to read an ebook. 1/3 of children say they would read more with ebooks. Source

The Kindle

  • There are 700,000 titles in the Kindle library. Source
  • Amazon sells 143 ebooks for every 100 hardcover books they sell…and that includes hardcovers not available in ebook format. Source
  • The average Amazon customer buys 3.3x as many books after buying a Kindle than before they had one. Source
  • Amazon controls 62% (some say up to 80%) of the entire ebook market and rising. Source
  • Kindles allow users to highlight passages, make notes and share either directly to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Amazon Kindle available on Kindles, iPhones, iPads, Androids, Macs, PCs and the web. Source
  • One out of five people who buy digital books from the Kindle store don’t own a Kindle device. (IE 20% of sales are on iPads, etc.) Source
  • The Kindle book, Secrets of the Terracotta Warriors was offered by Brian Lawrenson for free through Amazon. It received 4000 downloads the first day. Sales on other titles by Lawrenson went up 200% the next month. Source

The iPad

  • iPad controls 16% of the ereader market and rising. Source
  • iPad users downloaded more than 5 million ebooks in the first 65 days after it debuted. Source
  • iPad sales are expected to be 15.6 million this year and 46 million next year. Source

The Nook

  • Nook (Barnes & Noble) controls 20% of the market. Source

iPad vs Kindle

  • iPad users: 65% male, 63% under 35, 39% make more than $80k.
  • Kindle users: 52% male, 47% under 35, 44% make more than $80k. Source
  • iPads and Kindles will be available through Best Buy, Staples, Target, Walmart (iPad only) and other retailers by year’s end. Source: Various.
  • 44% of people prefer Kindle on the iPad over the iBookstore. Source
  • One author who sells ebooks, stated she sold 6,315 titles through Amazon, while iBookstore only sold 16 copies. Source

    What’s your favorite ebook reader and why?

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