The Writing Momentum

Writer's Toolbox

We’re often asked what tools we use when we write, when we teach, when we market and when we create websites. This page contains the most up-to-date listing of those tools.* Feel free to ask us about any or suggest one you like, too.



  • FocusMate. Our #1 technology recommendation. It literally changed our writing lives, increasing our productivity by 400%. Get more done by keeping yourself accountable.
  • AppSumo. Get exclusive LIFETIME deals on the latest apps. Never pay full price for software again!
  • Dubb. Pretty cool! Send video emails to anyone.
  • Krisp. Work in a loud environment like Starbucks? This software automagically cancels out background noise.
  • Private Internet Access. PIA protects your computer and Internet browsing when you’re working on a shared network, like at Starbucks.
  • ProWritingAid. Everyone needs an editor. Send your document through ProWritingAid first.


  • SocialBee. Build your social media marketing machine! Use code MOMENTUM20 for 20% off for life.
  • Stencil. Easier than Canvas, even a non-designer can create social media images.
  • LeadPages. Create landing pages quick and easy.
  • TubeBuddy. Maximize the SEO of your YouTube videos.


  • Blue Yeti Microphone. Crisp, clear, affordable. One of the highest recommended mics for podcasters and course creators.
  • Neewer Ring Light Kit. Look like a professional with this affordable LED lighting kit.
  • My preferred podcast distributor because of its simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Screenflow. If you use a Mac, this is one of the best screen recorders and video editors available.
  • NameSilo. Hands-down the lowest price on the web for domain names.
  • NewZenler. Think Teachable + Clickfunnels + Mailchimp and you have NewZenler–all in one low priced package. So robust and easy to use. If you’re creating online courses (or want to), you need this one.
  • Course Wizards Podcast. Get tips and tricks twice a week regarding creating your own online courses–with Amit Arora and Christopher Maselli!

* Yes, some of these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase the product, we might receive some sort of “thank you” kickback from the companies. But we’re only recommending the products we use ourselves every day!