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How to Get Others to Broadcast Your Blog Posts (MissingLettr Curate Review)

Chris reviews MissingLettr’s Curate – a powerful way to get others to share your content with your target audience. Post great blog articles, get others to share them, and find articles from others that you want to share.

Share your content to the curate library, select hashtags related to your niche, watch your traffic and engagement grow!

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Full Transcription of Chris’ MissingLettr Curate Review:

Have you ever written a blog and then been frustrated that no one sees the words that you’ve written?  Or do you wish that more people would share your content because you know those words will change the world? Well, today we’re going to look at MissingLettr’s Curate. This is a very clever online app that has an organic community built into it that’s encouraged to share your content with the world. I’m Chris from Writing Momentum. And let’s jump into MissingLettrs’ Curate.

What Is Curate?

So I’m really excited to go behind the scenes and show you exactly how MissingLettr’s Curate works, but before we do that, let’s just look here at their Web page because they share six points of what their software does. And I think it gives a really good overview so that you can understand exactly how this might work for you.

So if you look at the headline up here, you’ll notice it keeps changing. It says, “Find the best audience for your content. Find the best content for your audience.” So MissingLettr has built a community where this works both ways. You can find content that is very targeted for your audience that other people have written. And you might want to do that just because you want to continue to share value, right, with those who are following you on social media, part of your email list, that sort of thing. But you also want to get your content out there. And this is a way to share your content with people who specifically are looking for your kind of content. Right? You’re not just throwing it out there. You’re actually finding a targeted audience and that’s what Curate can do for you. So we notice the first point here. It says, “Share your own content to the library.” So whenever you create a blog or a video or a landing page, an infographics, an affiliate page, whatever it is you’re creating, you can share that to the Curate library. And what it does is it then allows other people to find it.

Point number two: “Find a schedule and share other people’s content.” So in the same way that other people might look for your content, you can look for theirs, you might put in a hashtag or, you know, like for me, I might put in writing or freelance writing to try and find people in my niche that are interested in the kind of things that, you know, my audience is hungry for, too. And we can let them see it.

Next: “Choose categories that are relevant to your audience.” So they’ve got dozens of categories that you can choose from and find, again, that niche that speaks directly to your audience. You can select hashtags, which is also another way to get more granular and you can share your posts with your audience, excuse me, in just a few clicks. So this is really cool. You’ll see as we go in, it really is about one or two clicks and you can share a post on your social media with your audience. You can share it on Facebook, on Twitter and on LinkedIn presently. And with just a click, it’s really, really slick. And then, of course, you can watch your traffic and engagement grow. The idea being that as you share more content with your audience that you know they want, you’re going to get engagement. And as other people share your content, you’re going to get engagement from their audience, too. So really good points here.

This is what MissingLettr’s Curate is about. Now, just to tell you a little bit about this company, MissingLettr has been around for quite a while. I’ve been using MissingLettr software for a couple years. And what I love about this company is that they regularly update their products. I would say it doesn’t seem like even a quarter goes by where there aren’t some new features that are in MissingLettr.

Now, what MissingLettr does is it allows you to it’ll pull from your blog posts and it’ll pull them right into this app. And then it will create little social media posts that can go out all over the Internet. And we’ll look at that briefly, too, because with MissingLettr’s Curate, you also get the ability to do that on a limited scale. If you want to do it on a larger scale, you can, of course, pay for that. But really, this video is about MissingLettr’s Curate, which you can do and just use just for what it’s for. You don’t have to even use MissingLettr itself if you don’t want to. You could just use Curate or you can use them together. So let’s take a look inside, behind the scenes and see exactly how this is working for me with my website, Writing Momentum.

Behind the Scenes of MissingLettr’s Curate

So back here under the Curate tab, we have my Curate profile. This is where you can say, “This is what I’m looking for. OK, this is the kind of things I want to share.” This is where it pulls all that content for the suggested content and the other content. See, I told it to look at the categories: blogging, editing, freelance writing and a few others.  Here are the tags I like. Here’s the language I’m looking for, countries I’m based in and the countries they serve. I could probably add a few more to that because there are countries I served. But you can choose to only show suggestions for these countries or show others.

The media types I’m looking for are articles and videos and social posts. I was not looking for audio. And you can have a minimum word count. I put 400 words in there because I didn’t want to have any articles that were under 400 words to share. I wanted to make sure they are the meaty articles. So I chose that. And then finally, under that, we have the credits used this month and free credits and my Curate quality score. So your quality score is how good your content is, basically how well you filled it out, that sort of thing.

The credits you’ve used this month: you can add a certain amount of posts each month for other people to share, and they do this as a way to ensure quality. You really are only supposed to share a certain amount of posts that are really good content, but you can increase that by sharing more things from other people. So I’ve already shared a few posts this month. If I share two more, then I will get another promotion credit where I can share another article. So if you want to share more content, you need to share more content from other people. So that’s how it all works together.

Then there’s this calendar where you can see how things are going out. I think mine’s empty right now because I don’t have a lot that I’ve set up this month. But once you do, like I said, it will auto schedule and that sort of thing. You can see here that you can look at it on the day, the week or the month. There’s several things I see that are set to go out or that have gone out. That’s pretty cool. Again, I can say based on my plan, I can schedule up to 776,100  posts. I haven’t reached that yet. OK, and then you can filter the calendar if you want.

It’s got an analytics page here where you can see how people have clicked on your posts. Now I need to tell you, I have not been using their URL shortener. I have another one that I use. So because of that, the analytics are not very good as far as what it’s showing me that I’ve shared. They’re just kind of minimal. If you share using their URL shortener, you’ll get a lot better analytics. But I use another program for that and I get analytics through that.

And then finally, the settings. These are where you’ve got all your settings that you want for different things. You can change your fonts, your branding, the social profiles you use. You can tell to auto schedule or not to auto schedule your posts. You can tell it just what you’re looking for, all that sort of thing. There’s a lot of settings behind the scenes here. You can get very granular, very detailed as you do, but overall, that is MissingLettr’s Curate.

So if you’ve been trying to find a way to get your blog posts noticed, this is a great way to do it because you’re connecting yourself automatically with the community that is looking for your blog posts and they’re hoping you’re looking for theirs. And so as you work together, you can really, we can really all help bring a megaphone to what we write. So now let’s go ahead and look at the pricing and the kind of deals that are out there today.

Pricing and Deals for MissingLettr’s Curate

So Curate’s pricing, what is it? Well, normally it’s about $19 a month for the plan that I just showed you that I’m on. You can pay yearly and get it for $15 a month. And then on top of that, you have to pay $490 a year or monthly $49 a month for the Curate option.

But there’s a stellar deal right now that’s being offered through AppSumo. AppSumo is giving you both Curate and essentially the solo plan they have. It’s a little bit different for–are you ready for this?–$59 one time purchase for life. OK, this is such a great deal. $59 one time and you can schedule up to 50 of your own posts, that’s the MissingLettr plan, and 10 of your own post for the Curate library. You can have two social profiles, not one, but two. And you can have an additional team member like a VA or a spouse or friend who you can help work on it with you. And they’re letting you share it through, again, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Now, if you want to buy two codes from AppSumo, it’s the same thing. But you can share 100 posts, connect four profiles and have two team members and even two workspaces.

And you can purchase a lot more codes and they share more profiles and all that. Good thing. This is only good for a little while longer, but quite a deal normally. What costs $49, $59, $69 or so a month, about $70 a month is available in a one time for life purchase for $59 through AppSumo. And all you have to do is click on that link that you see below here.

Buy MissingLettr’s Curate Now.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it does help me a little bit to be able to produce videos like this and it’ll jump you right to this deal that is really very stellar. Don’t miss out on this while it’s available. It may not come back. A lot of times these lifetime deals don’t. So I encourage you to jump in and grab it while you can. And this is Chris hoping you’re having great momentum in your business and in your writing.

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