Dave Ramsey's Momentum Theorem

Do You Have Writing Momentum? [Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorum]

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Dave Ramsey’s “Momentum Theorem” has lit a fire under me as a children’s writer to finish my latest novel, set writing goals, create a strong author’s web site and engage in social media. See how it will inspire you!

The Momentum Theorem is: Focused Intensity over Time, multiplied by God (Infinity), equals unstoppable momentum.

Dave Ramsey's Momentum Theorem

Dave Ramsey's Momentum Theorem

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[youtube id=”a6zibDtfIRM”]

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Notes from myself and others who have heard this teaching around the web:

  • Momentum is created. It does not randomly occur. You don’t just become successful overnight. God blesses you and you play your part. It takes BOTH!!
  • “When you have momentum, you look better than you are. When you don’t have momentum, you are better than you look.”
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Dave Ramsey’s Momentum Theorem
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