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How Do You Compare to One Year Ago?

Chris Maselli runningThis first week in November marks my one year anniversary with running. In thinking back, I’ve come a long way!

  • One year ago, I had not run in nearly 20 years.
  • One year ago, I heard about and decided to try it out and see if I could run a 5k on my own. I also joined
  • Two months later, without missing a workout—even in the winter months—I ran my first 5k. I had never run this far in my life.
  • Three months later, I ran my first 10k in 60 minutes. It was my first race ever.
  • Four months later, I ran my first 15k in 90 minutes. It was my hardest run to complete…but also 3x my original goal…a goal I thought was a fantasy at the time.

I’ve learned:

  • Your shoes do matter. And surprisingly, running shoes don’t cost much more than the tennies I used to buy.
  • Running keeps you healthy. Since last year, I’ve been sick only once and had only two minor colds. Ironically, during the winter months, I wasn’t sick at all.
  • Having a Garmin 305 is a great asset.
  • Belonging to DailyMile is a greater asset. Even people you’ll probably never meet can be great for advice and encouragement.
  • Cold weather is great running weather. I used to hate winter. Now I actually look forward to it. Running has changed my outlook! I’m actually surprised at how many runners hang it up for the winter months.
  • Listen to your body. During my training this last year, I injured myself badly by pushing myself too hard. It caused me to miss my first race. Don’t push yourself more than 10%.
  • Your body adapts well. Even when I injured myself, when I took proper treatment, I healed quickly—and was able to jump right back into running a month later without starting completely over.
  • You should run on the LEFT side of the road.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • You don’t have to eat breakfast before running. Just drink some water.
  • You need to warm-up before running, but any good stretches are better done after the run.
  • Don’t stop too quickly. You need a cool-down as well as a warm-up.
  • The first time you run a race, no matter how many times you hit the bathrooms, you’ll still REALLY have to go the second they start the race. Fortunately, if you ignore the feeling, it’ll go away.
  • Running doesn’t always mean continuous running. An article by marathoner Jeff Galloway freed me, showing me that his run-walk-run method is just as viable as a continuous run…and it makes things SO much easier!
  • 75% (or more) of running is mental, not physical. It’s amazing how achieving a goal suddenly makes that goal EASY to achieve a second time. It has little to do with your body’s ability; more to do with your mental belief of whether you can or not. Once I achieved a 5k, it became surprisingly easy—a 5k is now my warm-up!

How about you? Where are you in achieving your goals compared to one year ago?

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