Dreams, Risks & Failure

Dreams, Risks and Failure: Meet an Empty-Nester who Embraces them All

I’m excited to start a new Writing Momentum series: Fabulous & Focused Profile. Each week I’ll introduce you to extraordinary women who embody the Fabulous & Focused mission to honor God in every area of life.

Lisa Dahlstrom

Meet my good friend, Lisa Dahlstrom. Lisa is someone who has encouraged me, challenged me and most of all prayed for me over the years. She describes herself as a “non-traditional student pursuing a dream.” Two years ago, Lisa made the decision to return to school and finish her degree after her children left home, and I can’t wait to see where God takes her.

Lisa, what kind of work do you do?

After resigning my job and finishing the homeschooling journey with my youngest child, I went back to university to finish my education and pursue a degree and licensure in the field of counseling.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job and why?

It is a joy to be in an environment where the Holy Spirit is leading me into a season to reevaluate what I believe and why, grow as a person and a minister, and to do so alongside people of all ages who are on similar journeys.

In what ways do you try to share God’s love with those around you?

At 55 years old, I am realizing that one of the biggest ways I can be God’s love to others is to listen, and listen deliberately—both to the person and to the Holy Spirit and what He says about them. I am saying less and listening a lot more. Whether I am at the store, on vacation, at school, at a celebration or at church, I am surrounded by people who want to be heard and have their values and destinies affirmed by Spirit-led words of encouragement. Many people, saved and unsaved alike, are dealing with despair and need someone to infuse their hearts with courage by a word of hope.

What’s one spiritual lesson have you learned that affects your work?

Goodness, I am going to sound like a Johnny one note here, but definitely say less and pray more. Really, that is trusting the Lord to work things out and to do so in a way that maintains peace of heart and mind.

What tip would you give to new professionals in your area?

We as humans were created for community. My tip would be to seek out a group of healthy individuals who have similar interests and passions with whom to “do life.”

What work advice would you give to your younger self?Lisa at the Beach

Don’t be afraid to dream! Take more risks! Care less about pleasing people and wondering what they think, and concentrate on your relationship with God and be confident in His opinion. Oh, and when you do these things, you are going to fail. It’s part of the process. Don’t be afraid of failure, because you learn more from your failures sometimes than you do successes. Lastly, don’t be so serious about everything and enjoy life!

I hope Lisa’s responses give you something to ponder and help you become even more Fabulous & Focusedin your life too.

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