Linking Your Blog to Twitter and Facebook…and more! (Part 3 of 4)

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The last two posts detailed what I needed to do:  Make it so when I posted to my blog, news of that post spread across the web to social media services such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Last time, we got Hellotxt working, but there’s one more component that’s necessary to give us optimal control, especially when it comes to posting on Facebook Pages, but not Facebook personal accounts. That component is Twitterfeed. Here’s how to configure it:

1. Open a free account at
2. Once signed in, click on Create New Feed.

3. Give your feed a name (anything you want).
4. Enter your RSS Feed URL. (For a WordPress blog, it’s
5. Click on Advanced Settings. Fill it out as follows:

6. Continue to Step 2.
7. Under Available Services, choose Hellotxt.
8. Remember that User key we copied to our clipboard in step 9 above? Paste it here and click Get Available Services.

9. Hit Create Service and you’re done!

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