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Social Media iconsLast post, I talked about Evolving with Social Media. In continuing with my “Social Media Manifesto,” containing some of the truths I’ve learned about social media over the past year, today I’m going to share what I’ve discovered about using social media to expand my brand as an author. These are all much easier to do than one might think:

Social Media Means Being Everywhere

Organizations and individuals usually have their own website with a blog, which is their primary means of communicating with people looking for them. In addition to their website, they might have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. But this is too limited. If you want to show up on the web, you should be everywhere. Yes, Facebook and Twitter. But also Google Buzz, Flickr, Delicious, StumbleUpon, YouTube, FriendFeed, MySpace,, etc, etc. My social media map has me in about 35 places and growing. The idea is to engage users wherever they’re at—pointing them back to your main point(s) of contact.

Social Media Means Playing Smart

No one—not even a company—has time to update 100 sites…or do they? Through creative means such as Twitterfeed,, RSS feeds and TubeMogul, when you make one blog post, or one Twitter entry, you can have it show up everywhere. If a Social Media guru is smart enough, she can make it so only a few places actually need regular, fresh content. Everywhere else is an automatic feed, providing choice for the masses.

Social Media Means Allowing Others to Build Your SEO

I know of a company that recently bought dozens of domain names and started dozens of blogs in order to fill the first page of Google with content they owned. The problem? Who has time to create that sort of ongoing content?! Instead, they should have relied on the Internet to load up their front page on Google for them. It starts by being everywhere (see point #1). If you have the resources, it continues by creating useful gadgets and widgets bloggers use on their blogs. A ministry might create a simple “Bible verse of the day” gadget. A loan officer might create a “Get out of debt calculator.” Both gadgets contain links back to your website. Before long, those hundreds of links will push any company’s pages right to the top. Of course, nothing substitutes for good, regular content on your own site.

What are your thoughts on how to expand with social media?

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