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Evolving with Social Media

Social MediaOver the past year, I’ve been learning a lot about social media and how to use it to declare your brand to the world. Over the next few blog entries, I’m going to share what I call my “Social Media Manifesto”—what I’ve learned about social media as an author. Today I’ll start with:

Social Media Is a Serious Medium

Social media is often approached as an extension to an established business, or even simply an established website. The business may sell a product, print a magazine, offer a service, or have a TV or radio broadcast. All-too-often, social media becomes a “tack on” to the current business model. This is a mistake. In the long-run, social media is bigger than a product, more trusted than print, more of a service, and reaches farther than any broadcast. It’s a voice that deserves to be given equal standing with these other outreaches…or greater.

Social Media Is a Changing Medium

If a person understands the basics of social media today, that doesn’t guarantee that they will still be on the “cutting edge” tomorrow…or even in the same parking lot for that matter! It’s conservative to say that social media changes weekly and to keep up with the changes, you need to stay abreast of the latest trends and promising ventures, as well as what’s working and not working with the old standbys. Sites such as work hard to keep you “in the know.” Add them to your RSS reader today, read every story, and take action when possible.

Social Media Is a Long-Term Medium

The results of social media engagement rarely happen overnight. And if they do, they’ll rubber band back the next day. Social media, just like any physical social networking process, happens over time. This is no get-rich-quick scheme, nor should it be. It’s not about money; it’s about connecting with individuals. Trust must be built. Content must be consistent. But when time has passed, it will become one of any organization’s strongest forms of media.

What are your thoughts on how to evolve with social media?

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