Knight time Rescue of Commander Kellie by Christopher PN Maselli

Commander Kellie has been captured and it was Paul’s fault. Now it’s up to him, Rapper and Alex to rescue her no matter what it takes.

But Commander Kellie isn’t just a prisoner. She’s been jailed in a completely holographic environment-with knights, horses, castles and…a dragon.

The Superkids know dragons aren’t real, but someone has programmed a very convincing one to protect their new prize!

Will Paul, Rapper and Alex be able to find Commander Kellie? Will they be able to rescue her in time? And how will they ever defeat a fire-breathing dragon?

Put on your full suits of armor with the Superkids in this extraordinary adventure into another world where anything can happen-and anything will!

The power of the Word is evident in this daring, action-packed novel in the Commander Kellie and the Superkids adventure series!

About the Series

Give your kids the action-packed, Christian adventure series that will keep them turning the pages! Perfect for reluctant readers, the Commander Kellie and the Superkids Adventures is the futuristic novel series that parents can trust. Based on the characters from Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ children’s movies, you’ll see these ordinary kids do extraordinary things as they boldly live out their faith.

Project Details

  • The Knight-Time Rescue of Commander Kellie
    Commander Kellie & the Superkids Adventures #11
  • Author: Christopher P.N. Maselli
  • Publisher: KCP / Harrison House
  • Series: Commander Kellie and the Superkids Adventures
  • Categories: Middle Grade (Ages 8-14), Christian

Author’s Comments

“The final book in this final Superkid adventure trilogy is my favorite of all the Superkid books. I had always wanted to write a book taking place in the medieval times. Researching the subject matter was a blast, and then pitting the Superkid guys against a dragon was so much fun. Beneath the text is strong imagery into the life of the believer, battling the enemy with God’s Word. I hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it.” – Chris


  • Novels #9-#11 were actually written before #6-#8, and were supposed to be the original #6-#8. At the time, my publisher wanted me to rework False Identity, but instead, I rewrote the entire trilogy, which became what you know as #6-#8 today. Now, years later, I’ve reworked this entire original trilogy and I’m pleased to see it getting published as novels #9-#11. Ironically, had False Identity been published as it was originally written as the sixth book, #6-#8 as you know them now, would probably have never been written or released and the series would have ended at eight novels.
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