Caged Rivalry by Christopher PN Maselli

Superkid Missy Ashton and NME Agent Mashela Knavery have only one thing in common–they’re both messing up Missy’s life. And Paul, Missy’s covenant brother, seems to care more about spending time with the captured NME agent than he does with her.

Then when Mashela escapes, it’s a no-holds-barred race to the end…and to a final confrontation that may have Missy in deeper than she’d bargained.

Will Missy put up with the trouble Mashela is causing? Will Paul be deceived by the NME agent? Will Mashela destroy the relationship between the two Superkids?

Only a right heart before God and a good dose of His power will help Missy get straightened out!

Prepare for an adventure to the end when two rivals compete in this page-turning adventure!

About the Series

Give your kids the action-packed, Christian adventure series that will keep them turning the pages! Perfect for reluctant readers, the Commander Kellie and the Superkids Adventures is the futuristic novel series that parents can trust. Based on the characters from Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ children’s movies, you’ll see these ordinary kids do extraordinary things as they boldly live out their faith.

Project Details

  • Caged Rivalry
    Commander Kellie & the Superkids Adventures #5
  • Author: Christopher P.N. Maselli
  • Publisher: KCP / Harrison House
  • Series: Commander Kellie and the Superkids Adventures
  • Categories: Middle Grade (Ages 8-14), Christian

Author’s Comments

“When I pitted Missy against Mashela, both characters really came to life. I enjoyed it so much, I did it again in novel #8.” – Chris


  • Mashela’s SKA number was an old phone number of mine, backward.
  • Getting Superkid Academy’s floorplan correct was a major challenge with this book. In the movies, we’d never had a consistent floorplan, so I had to do my best to create a workable one, while still being faithful to what we had done in other projects.
  • The serfsled at the end of this book originally took Rapper to the Vipers–a gang he used to belong to. Because of this, you’ll see a few references to the Vipers in this book. But that book was eventually scrapped and Mystery of the Missing Junk took its place. Then, ironically, the book was brought to life again and became #10 in the series.
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