Christopher and Gena Maselli from Writing Momentum

Christopher and Gena Maselli

Chris and Gena love helping others with writing, publishing, building their author brand, and selling books.

They each have authored several award-winning books that are so good you’ve never heard of them (you know they must be good!). They’ve also helped individuals and organizations as ghostwriters, editors, direct mail writers, curriculum program authors, magazine writers, money launderers, and much, much more. Yes, that last one was a joke.

Chris (CPNM) likes acronyms so much, he became a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP) and holds a Masters in Writing (MFA).

More than anything, Chris and Gena enjoy helping up and coming writers through their online training site and as teachers at writers’ conferences. If they can help you, either as a client looking for a writer or editor or as a writer wanting to learn about the writing life, contact them today. They look forward to talking with you!

Years of Combined Experience
Books Written
Ghost-written Clients
Million Books in Print
Billion Ounces of Starbucks Consumed

Looking for Speakers?

We understand how challenging it can be to find just the right speaker. Each year, Christopher and Gena Maselli speak at writer’s conferences, bookstores, schools and small groups, bringing enthusiasm, great information, lots of encouragement, and chocolate. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for your event, please contact us for more information.

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CHris' Topics

9 Productivity Maximizers for Writers

In this informative workshop, Chris covers productivity techniques best suited to writers, time management for authors, how to build your email list with free offers, how conversion funnels work, how to hire virtual assistants to do your “heavy lifting” and more!

Should I Self-Publish?

The world is changing and there are so many ways to get published…which one do you choose? In this workshop, Chris talks about self-publishing options vs traditional options, looking at the pros and cons of each…so you can make an informed decision and get your book published!

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Machine in 21 Days

Learn how to CREATE and AUTOMATE your social media marketing efforts so you can not only make an impact, but also spend more time writing and less time building your platform! Discover how to get noticed and grow your online presence using proven tools and insider tips. In this session, Chris will show you how he easily creates content for half a dozen channels and sends it out automatically 365 days a year.

Experience Marketing for Maximum Outreach

To succeed in publishing today, you MUST have a platform. In this workshop, Chris shares how to build your platform through Experience Marketing—one of the latest trends used by online marketers today. He explains how to easily leverage content to maximize its effectiveness across the Internet without it becoming too taxing to handle.

Proposals with Pizzazz

Discover how to create a fiction proposal that will “leap out” of the slush pile! In this session, Chris shares his award-winning techniques that many editors say make his proposals stand out from the rest, including cover letters, formatting, synopses, character sketches, marketing plans and more.

Great Opportunities for Children’s Writers

In this session, Chris shares the many types of materials you can write for children, from picture books to chapter books, from middle-grade to teen novels, and even graphic novels. He also explores current trends and insightful research, so attendees can think about exactly the type of material they want to write, as well as explore areas they may have never considered before.

Common Children’s Book Blunders (and How to Avoid Them)

Learn how to stand out from the competition by avoiding the most common blunders that children’s writers make! After professionally judging thousands of children’s book manuscripts, Chris shares secrets he’s found that will help you create a children’s book that no editor will be able to put down.

Discovering Writing

For 4th-6th graders, Chris loves to speak about “Discovering Writing.” In this 30-minute talk, he shares how he became a writer, how writers can affect the world, the many different types of writing and the one thing that changed his writing life. He uses personal examples, fun interaction and samples from his own books to open the world of writing to kids.

Gena's Topics

So You Want to Be a Writer

Never written before? Don’t have a college degree on writing, English or literature, but still have a dream? Gena shares her own journey to becoming a full-time freelance writer and author as well as steps for how you can make your own dream come true.

Finding the Time to Write

You’re busy. You have commitments. Yet, you still have this desire to write. Gena understands. As a freelance writer and homeschooling mother, she knows about being busy. She also knows how to get the work done. In this down-to-earth session, Gena will share the tips she’s learned for balancing home, professional and relationship commitments.

How to Be Your Own Best Editor

Gena shares 10 simple ways to strengthen your writing by avoiding common pitfalls and capitalizing on your strengths. If you desire to become a stronger, clearer and more concise writer, you don’t want to miss this session!

Ghostwriting 101

Do you know a local pastor, speaker or other professional that wants a book created? In this session, Gena teaches keys to ghostwriting a book. She’ll cover how to conduct a successful interview, how to work  from transcripts, how to capture someone’s voice and how to structure a book.

From a Spoken Word to a Finished Book

Professional speakers share a wealth of knowledge and the insights they have make great books. In this session, Gena shares steps for turning spoken messages (i.e. sermons, key note addresses, lectures, etc.) into inspiring books.

The Ins-and-Outs of Devotional Writing

These short nuggets of truth are great ways to teach, inspire and encourage others in their faith. They are also great options for new writers wanting to get published. In this session, Gena shares the elements every devotion should contain, as well as how to structure them.

How to Write Children’s Church Curriculum

Reaching kids with the gospel and empowering children’s church leaders and parents to do that is a rewarding endeavor. In this talk, Gena share what she has learned over the past 15 years of working with numerous publishers and ministries to create children’s church curriculum. This talk is perfect for children’s church leaders wanting to write their own curriculum and new writers wanting to enter this field.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Writers

Discover what SEO is, why it’s vital to a writer’s life and how writers can harness the power of SEO for their own blogs and marketing as well as for their clients. This can be a stand-alone session or expanded for a marketing track.

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